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Denise Torrisi

I look forward to welcoming all of my 7th and 8th grade students to this most unprecedented school year. I'm accepting the many challenges placed in front of me; I'm creating best practices to reach all my students and their families, and I'm also acknowledging the imperfections that will arise. So I'm asking all of you to join me as we figure this all out together using our Principal, Walt Lewis' words with patience grace.

Inclusive Learning Community

 I will be working to create a thriving learning community that is culturally, linguistically, and gender inclusive and that celebrates all our differences!  Although we'll be at a distance, I want us to work, learn, and grow and as a strong, supportive, and respectful united group.

We will be using Amplify Science California Edition... however, please realize that my philosophy is "Science is NOT a body of facts to memorize, but it is more of a way of thinking, exploring, and creating." dtorrisi

I will be accessing as many hands on... activities as possible, by using many minimal household items.

MATERIALS: IF possible the following materials would be helpful to have for science class:

NOTEBOOK: exclusively used for science, spiral or composition.



Denise Torrisi Locker
8/20/20 2:10 PM