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Leigh Ann Chen

Leigh Ann Chenmap

Email Address:
Phone number: (510) 797-2072 x68024


2020-2021 will mark my twenty-fifth year in Fremont Unified.  I have been fortunate enough to have spent my entire career here at Centerville Jr. High. 


Outside of the classroom, I have also been involved with our START program, highly successful International Faire, Testing Committee, Gang Intervention Program, and very briefly our Fencing program. 


While I am proud to have worked on the various committees and programs, my first emphasis is always the classroom.  Every child has the ability to succeed in my class;  I feel my job is to show them the tools and how to use them.  Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.



Period 1 World History 7
Period 2 Prep
Period 3 World History 7
Period 4 World History 7
Period 5 World History 7
Period 6 World History 7



Classroom Expectations


Ms. Chen - World History 7


Course Description:

This class will seek to explain the world you live in today.  Everything you see, do or experience all can be traced to a single point in history.   

Text/Materials, Additional Resources:

Your textbook is World History - Medieval to Early Modern Times.  This is the only source of information you will need unless the teacher specifically asks you to do otherwise.  

Behavior Expectations:

  • Listen attentively during live instruction

  • Further questions can be asked after live instruction

  • Complete your work independently

Assignments and Grading :

       There will be assignments almost daily.  Assignments can be found in the Google Classroom.  (codes for Google Classroom are posted on School Loop)  During the live Zoom sessions, the assignments will be reviewed and students are expected to make their own corrections. (Zoom links are also found on School Loop)   These assignments are graded on the following criteria :

  1. All questions are answered using complete sentences.

  2. All answers are plausible.  

These assignments are worth five points.  If one of the two criteria is missing, then the student receives three points.  They are due by the start of the next class meeting.   It can be turned in late up to a week past its due date.  

A multiple choice test will be given at the end of each unit.  While taking the test, students may use all their daily assignments plus any other notes they may have taken during live sessions.  Notes are not required, but are encouraged.  Tests are worth 30 points.  They are due by 2:20pm.  Tests cannot be re-taken.  A student has up to one week to make-up a test.