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The Daily Mustang, November 8, 2019
Posted 11/7/19

Turkey Trot:  November is here, so it is time to register for the Turkey Trot.  200 lucky students will have the chance to run with turkey teachers.  Fan favorites include:  Ms. Stark, Ms. Goode, Ms. Glaze, and the biggest turkey of all, Mr. Davis.  You can sign up starting on Tuesday, at lunch in F-3.  The cost is 50 cents.  All proceeds go to Tri-City Volunteers to help make the holidays a little brighter. Also, there are lots of prizes to be won.  Winners are chosen from the runners who complete the course...even a last place runner could win a prize.

This is a reminder that Centerville has no tolerance for casual cruelty or bullying.  Put downs, profanity, and name calling will result in progressive discipline.  Racial slurs/put downs will never be acceptable.  Students who choose to name call or use profanity will receive discipline; and may be put on behavior contracts, and lose school privileges such as:  attending dances, games, and end of year activities.

Attention students- TODAY, please make sure to vote for three students to represent you for Centerville’s School Site Council.  Voting will take place outside the gym doors.

Centerville Canned Food Drive continues.  The drive is held through first period classes.  All classes meeting the Merit Club Challenge will be rewarded with a delicious treat.  Help your class win by contributing at least 3 canned or boxed goods.  Let's make this a happy holiday for many families in our community.

Trading Post

The Trading Post will be open on Fridays in the gym during lunch. Stop by to trade in your Mustang Bucks for prizes!

Club Meetings

Woodworking Club:  Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri 2:35-3:45  Room D1 (after school)

Anime Meet Up Club:  Tues, Thurs @ lunch Room L 2

African American Culture Club:  Tues at lunch Room M 1

Latinx Culture Club: Thurs at lunch Room M 1

Booktalkers Club:  Every other Tues at lunch in Library

GSA:  Tues @ lunch B 4

Merit Club:  Thurs @ lunch F 3

Ventriloquism Club:  Fri @ lunch Room  L 4

K-Pop Club:  Tues & Thurs at lunch in the Gym

Debate Club:  Tuesday after school Room A1 2:45-4:30

Dress Code Reminder

Flip Flops and other similar footwear are NOT allowed at school.    Footwear must be secured;

for  example, sandals with a strap  on   the ankle are acceptable.

Intramural Sports:

Friday, Nov 8……….                Archery Beginning 4……gym  2:45-3:45 (last day)

                                                   Archery Beginning 5……gym  3:45-4:45 (last Day)

Thursday, Nov 14…………….Bowling 3:30-4:30 Last Day

                        Intramurals will begin again in January