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The Daily Mustang, January 14, 2020
Posted 1/13/20

Girls’ 7th Grade Basketball Tryouts:   7th grade girls who are interested in trying out for basketball, there will be a brief informational meeting after school on Tuesday (TODAY), January 14 from 2:45 to 3 in the weight room.

2nd Semester Schedules:  Please review for accuracy and report any problems to the office. Any schedule changes must be on the schedule change form with parent signature (please, no phone calls). 8th graders that would like to be a TA, please pick up a form from the office to apply.

Girls’ 8th Grade Basketball Tryouts:  8th grade girls interested in trying out for the basketball team, there will be an informational meeting on Tuesday, January 21 at lunch in the weight room.

Lunch Time Activity:  Leadership will be hosting a cookie relay race outside Room G1 this Friday. Students will compete in teams of five. See you there!

Bookmark Design Contest:  Design a clever, imaginative and colorful bookmark that will be displayed in the library and made into bookmarks for your fellow students.

 ·        Use the entry form located in the library to design your bookmark. (one per student)

 ·        Bookmarks must be turned into the Library no later than Friday, Feb.14th.

 ·        All submitted bookmarks will become property of the library.

 The Book Talkers Club members will be the judges. The top 3 bookmark designers will be awarded prizes 

Early Release:  Students will be dismissed at 11:56 AM on Friday, January 17th, Please make your transportation arrangement in advance.  The library and office will close at 1:30 PM.  Monday (20th) is a holiday, no school.

Intramural Sports

Tuesday, Jan 14…..Boys Basketball 7th Grade  gym 5:30-6:30

                  Girls Basketball   gym 6:30-7:30

                  Boys Basketball 8th Grade   gym 7:30-8:30

Wednesday, Jan 15…..Team Dodgeball  gym at lunch

                    Tennis 1  Blacktop 1:45-2:45 PM

                    Tennis 2  Blacktop 2:45-3:45 PM

Thursday, Jan 16……Chess Club   Room H 3 at lunch

                  Tennis 3  blacktop 2:45-3:45

                  Tennis 4  blacktop 3:45-4:45

                  Indoor Soccer   gym 5:30-6:30 PM

                  Team Handball   gym 7:30-8:30 PM

Friday, Jan 17…..NO Ping Pong Friday  early dismissal

                 Badminton   gym 12 to 1:00 PM

Club Meetings

Woodworking Club:  Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri 2:35-3:45  Room D1 (after school)

Anime Meet Up Club:  Tues, Thurs @ lunch Room L 2

African American Culture Club:  Tues at lunch Room M 1

Latinx Culture Club: Thurs at lunch Room M 1

Booktalkers Club:  Every other Tues at lunch in Library

GSA:  Tues @ lunch B 4

Merit Club:  Thurs @ lunch F 3

Ventriloquism Club:  Fri @ lunch Room  L 4

K-Pop Club:  Tues & Thurs at lunch in the Gym

Debate Club:  Tuesday after school Room A1 2:45-4:30

Riddles & Mystery Club:  Wed, lunch J2

Game Room:  Wednesday @ lunch in room M1


Dress Code Reminder

Flip Flops and other similar footwear are NOT allowed at school.  Footwear must be secured; for example, sandals with a strap on the ankle are acceptable.


This is a reminder that Centerville has no tolerance for casual cruelty or bullying.  Put downs, profanity, and name calling will result in progressive discipline.  Racial slurs/put downs will never be acceptable.  Students who choose to name call or use profanity will receive discipline; and may be put on behavior contracts, and lose school privileges such as:  attending dances, games, and end of year activities.

Hands to Yourself:  Centerville   rules require   that  students   keep   their  hands  to  themselves.  Playing  tag,  excessive   hugging  , PE   combatives ,    pushing   and   other   touching  (whether   a  game  or   not  )  are  not  allowed   at   school .  Students   will  receive   progressive   discipline  ,  including   campus   service  at  lunch  ,  detentions  (  lunch ,  after  school ,  Saturdays  )  for  misbehavior   related   to  inappropriate   touching   and   horseplay.