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The Daily Mustang, March 21, 2020
Posted 3/13/20

Twins Day (Friday, March 27th) - Dress up with a friend or family member as Twins/Triplets while distance learning (or Teaching if you are staff). Tag @centerville_mustangs on Instagram, along with the hashtag #centervilletwins. If you'd prefer, you can send your photo to Ms. Glaze and she will post them.


Club Meetings

Woodworking Club:  Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri 2:35-3:45  Room D1 (after school)

Anime Meet Up Club:  Tues, Thurs @ lunch Room L 2

African American Culture Club:  Tues at lunch Room M 1

Latinx Culture Club: Thurs at lunch Room M 1

Booktalkers Club:  Every other Tues at lunch in Library

GSA:  Tues @ lunch B 4

Merit Club:  Thurs @ lunch F 3

Ventriloquism Club:  Fri @ lunch Room  L 4

K-Pop Club:  Tues & Thurs at lunch in the Gym

Debate Club:  Tuesday after school Room A1 2:45-4:30

Riddles & Mystery Club:  Wed, lunch J2

Game Room:  Wednesday @ lunch in room M1


Dress Code Reminder

Flip Flops and other similar footwear are NOT allowed at school.  Footwear must be secured; for example, sandals with a strap on the ankle are acceptable.


This is a reminder that Centerville has no tolerance for casual cruelty or bullying.  Put downs, profanity, and name calling will result in progressive discipline.  Racial slurs/put downs will never be acceptable.  Students who choose to name call or use profanity will receive discipline; and may be put on behavior contracts, and lose school privileges such as:  attending dances, games, and end of year activities.

Hands to Yourself:  Centerville   rules require   that  students   keep   their  hands  to  themselves.  Playing  tag,  excessive   hugging  , PE   combatives ,    pushing   and   other   touching  (whether   a  game  or   not  )  are  not  allowed   at   school .  Students   will  receive   progressive   discipline  ,  including   campus   service  at  lunch  ,  detentions  (  lunch ,  after  school ,  Saturdays  )  for  misbehavior   related   to  inappropriate   touching   and   horseplay.