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D. Pierce

best day510-797-2072 (ext. 68023)
Best time to call: After school

Schoolloop is preferred method of communication:


Dad Mode in Big Basin This is my 4th year at Centerville and 11th year teaching. Centerville is an amazing school and we are currently moving in a good direction.  We're dedicated to helping all kids at every level of learning.  This year I will be teaching 7th and 8th grade support classes as well as 8th grade English Benchmmark classes.  Also, I have the privilege of co-teaching support classes and working as a department co-chair with Samantha Terrasas.  Many of us on the team began working together in English in San Lorenzo and have been teaching together for about 10 years. We share ideas and build constantly.  Being part of a competent team makes teaching much easier.

Wrestling: If you or your child would be interested in joining the wrestling intramural team or would like more information on our 2 session (14 practices on Mondays) wrestling intramural training please come see me in B3.  We partner by weight so it is the one sport where you will always be evenly challenged. Come out and join the team!  See me for details and information.

Music Club: If you or your child would be interested in joining Music Club see Mr. Hollister, Mr. Beghar, or myself. We play good music, put on live performances for parents, and we write our own music too!  It's been a great collaboration and we have seen some really talented kids come through our doors and across our stage.  Mr. Hollister is kind of the brain behind it all.  He's an excellent musician.  The music club is open to all genders and musical perspectives.  

One thing I hope your kids learn from me is that I care about every kid and want them all to achieve.  One thing they will hear a lot this year is the three Rs.  I like these because it makes students responsible for their own actions.  The words to know are:


Respect for yourself, respect for others, respect for the learning environment


It is their responsibility to keep track of due dates, assignments on schoolloop, and their grades.

Ready to Learn

Coming with a pencil says a lot about a person. Coming without a pencil says more.  You will need to be ready to learn because we are getting you ready for high school.


Students reading this page I'm talking to you right now. I'm a coach, first and foremost; in the classroom, on the mat, and on the field.  I promise to match whatever effort you put in towards attaining your education.  You're allowed to mess up, but you're not allowed to give up.  It should be a good year.  I know coming back isn't always exciting, but football is starting and hockey is just around the corner. See you soon.



Period 1 7th Grade English 3D Support          
Period 2 8th Grade English 3D Support
Period 3 Prep
Period 4 8th Grade English
Period 5 8th Grade English
Period 6 8th Grade English