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Get Involved on Campus

ClubsIt is important to us that our students have an opportunity to get involved on campus. Clubs change from year to year, but the following are awesome clubs that they can be a part of now. We encourage you to get in contact with the club advisor and get more information about the club of your interest.

Club & Activities
Club Name Advisor Club Information
Anime Meet Up Club Ms. Jordan

Tues, Thurs @ Lunch Room L2

African American Culture Club Mr. Williams and Counselors  Tues @ Lunch Room M1
Latinx Culture Club Mr. Flamenco and Counselors Thurs @ Lunch Room A2
WEB (Where Everyone Belongs) Ms. Gai, Ms. Grimmer, Ms. Jennie and Mrs Glaze Mon @ Lunch M1 (must complete application form) 
Booktalkers Club Ms. Willer Every Other Tues @ Lunch in Library
GSA Ms. Schrenk Tues @ Lunch Room B4
Merit Club Mrs. Fields Thurs @ Lunch Room F3
Library Helpers Club Ms. Willer Every Day, before & after school & at lunch (See Ms. Willer to sign up!)
Woodworking Club Mr. Olson Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri    2:35-3:45   Room D1
Ventriloquism Club Ms. Nelson Fri @ Lunch Room L4
K-Pop Club Ms. Denarola Tues & Thurs @ Lunch in the Gym
Debate Club Ms. Denarola

Tues after school 2:45-4:30

Game Room Counselors Wednesdays at lunch M1