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E. Tippetts

Physical activity is for today. 
Physical Education is for today and tomorrow.
About Mr. Tippetts

TippettsI have been teaching for twenty-seven years in the Fremont Unified School District. Almost all of that time has been at Centerville. My first five years were spent as a World History teacher. I have been teaching Physical Education for the last twenty-two years. I believe that it is essential that Physical Education must be more than rolling out the ball and be a glorified recess. Physical education is much more than the sports or individual Activity we are doing at the time. The most important purpose of Physical Education is to provide our students with the knowledge of what fitness is and how to achieve it and maintain it throughout their lives. The activities are only an experience for the students as a possible lifetime activity they may want to pursue as part of a lifelong fitness plan. Part of our duty as teachers is to help students understand and recognize the difference between true physical fitness and what popular culture tries to make us believe is physical fitness and healthy life choices. I believe that the best Physical Education student is not necessarily the best athlete, but a well rounded student who is willing to work hard at all aspects of the class both academic and physical.

2017-2018 Physical Education Units

Quarter 1:

         Multicultural Folk Dance

         Intro to Parkour


         Physical Fitness (throughout the quarter)

Quarter 2:

          Into to Self Defense

          Team Handball

           Physical Fitness (throughout the quarter)

Quarter 3:


          Weight Training

           Physical Fitness (throughout the quarter)

Quarter 4:


           Track and Field

           Physical Fitness (throughout the quarter) 

Class Policies

Click on the link below to see the policies for my class and for the Physical Education Department:


Class Policy.pdf