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K. Yamagata

young YamagataEmail Address:  (Best way to contact)
Phone number:797-2072 ext:68373

Best time to call  12:00-12:50


"When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change."
-Wayne Dyer


Welcome to Mr. Yamagata's home page! I am a local product, born and raised here in Fremont. I am a graduate of Cal Poly San Luis Obispo where I earned my Bachelor's degree in Kinesiology with an emphasis in teaching Physical Education. I am very adamant about physical activity, but more importantly I have a deep passion for teaching Physical Education.

This is more than my 18th year teaching here at Centerville JHS and every year I am learning new things. I love my job and look forward to teaching every single day. I am very big on RESPECT and POSITIVE THINKING!!!. These two life skills are such a big part of my teaching philosophy and everyday life.

My ultimate goal as a teacher is for my students to become physically educated individuals. I feel very privileged to be knowledgeable in teaching Physical Education because I have the unique ability to teach students skills such as communication, trust, cooperation, responsibility and most importantly respect through many "hands-on" type of activities. I strongly feel that by exposing students to these various activities that involve these social aspects of life, will help them develop a healthier self-esteem as well as being able to apply these concepts to everyday life.

Thanks for taking the time to check out my page.




Period 1 Physical Education 8th Grade
Period 2 Physical Education 8th Grade
Period 3 Physical Education 8th Grade
Period 4 PREP
Period 5 Physical Education 8th Grade
Period 6 Physical Education 8th Grade